What’s up!! You have passed listening section, now it’s time to practice your speaking skill. Same with listening, speaking is very easy and fun. You just speak up your idea to your friends orally.

In this section, I want you to tell a story in front of your friends.

Don’t be scary. I will guide you to be a good storyteller.

Before prepare it, I want you to watch this video below. This is an example of storytelling.

What do you think? Is it very interesting? Do you enjoy the story? Does she tell the story attractively??

Yeah, I think she is a good storyteller. She can make the audience interest and curious about her story. She has a good expression and gesture in telling it. Well, telling a story is not only memorize the script, but also you have to have a good expression, intonation, and gesture to make your audience enjoy your story.

I have some basic instruction in telling a story.

So, it needs more practices to be a good storyteller. The keyword is “don’t be afraid”. You’re the leader for your audiences.

The first step is choosing the story.

Choose the story you want to tell. It depends on your audience and occasion. If your audiences are children, you choose a simple, interesting, and funny story, but has a lot of moral value. It is good for character building. So, you have to choose the appropriate story for your audience.

The next step is writing the script of your story. You’re not tell a story spontaneously, but you have to write your idea into script.

This is the example of the script.

Before preparing your storytelling, I want you to read the article below.


What do you think about the article? Do the article help you to prepare your storytelling??

So, you have to use gesture, intonation, and mime to make your story interesting. So, the audiences will enjoy your performance.

Now, it is time to prepare your storytelling.

There are some stories you can choose below.

  •  Malin Kundang
  •  Cinderella
  • Timun Mas
  • A princess and a pea
  • Alibaba and Forty Thieves.

Then, write the script of your story.

Practice it using gesture, intonation, mime, and media (such as picture, puppet, etc).

Tell your story in front of your friends (minimal 5 person). The duration is 7 – 10 minutes.

Post your video in your blog before 20 June 2012 and I will check it. Oh yeah, don’t forget to send your blog address to my e-mail (devaniqua_pika@yahoo.co.id).

Thank You ^^


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