My dear students, have you read the material?? I hope you have read it. It is important to read and understand the material first before you go to this section. You know about the social function of narrative text. Yes, it is to entertain the reader or listener.

I have a good and interesting stories. I want you to listen those stories. Before that I want you to look at the picture below.


You know the story, right? This is a famous story in the world. So I want you to write the vocabulary related to the picture.


Wow! it’s easy, isn’t it? I think you write many vocabularies there.

Now, please watch the video below.

Do you understand the story? If you don’t understand the story, you can play and watch the video several times, until you understand the content of the story.

Well, after you understand it, please do both exercise below.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Good Job!! I think you did it.

Do you want to watch the video once again?

Well, I’ll give you another interesting video. I think you will be amused of this story.

Please watch the video below.

Very interesting? Yes, of course.

Now, I have an assignment for you about the story in that video. Below the instruction.

  • Make a summary of the story
  • Identify the generic structure
  • Submit your work in my email (devaniqua_pika@yahoo.co.id).
  • Due date is 15 June 2012

Thank You^^


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