“Just like a young girl” is a short story written by Christina Koning. It focuses on teen story, such as love story, faithfulness, and so on. I will analyze about the plot, the character, the point of view, the setting, and the social aspect of this story.
Kitty, 17 years old, is a pure girl who just knows about love. She lived in small town, so she rarely hung out with her friends. She met Alain in Saturday Night and had a relationship. She really loved Alain and keep faith in him. She also believed that Alain also loved her, like she loved Alain. She did everything to make Alain happy. She also had to learn how to get kiss right because Alain was good in kissing. She obeyed when Alain invited her to come to his house. She knew that she and Alain would be alone in house. As we know that in America a lover was alone in the house, they would have sexual intercourse. Kitty felt afraid at first, but Alain make her sure that she wouldn’t have pregnant. He told him that it didn’t hurt and everything would be right. Kitty trust him, she gave everything to Alain, including her virginity. She very loved Alain and she didn’t want Alain to leave her. She was afraid if she didn’t do it, Alain would leave her.

Everything had happened. Kitty had a pregnant, but Alain was not in her side. Alain hadn’t phoned and he didn’t phone or meet Kitty. She didn’t know why Alain didn’t meet her. She thought that Alain was away, doing exams, or ill. She tried to be positive thinking towards Alain. She phoned and sent messages to Alain several times, but there were still no reply from Alain. One day, she saw Alain and his friend, Phil, in college. Alain and Phil also saw her, but they didn’t greet her. He didn’t want to meet Kitty.
In another day, when Kitty wanted to forget Alain, she saw Alain at the art college. She got drunk and let herself to stay in the crowded. Alain and Phil were there. She was doubt to greet them or not. She saw them went outside. She followed them and she saw two figures standing against the wall. She recognized them, they were Alain and Phil. She almost didn’t believed what she saw. She saw they were kissing each other, and then Phil sank to Alain knees. After that, she knew why Alain left her.
There are five characters in the “Just Like A Young Girl Should”. They are Kitty, Alain, Phil, Claire, and Alain’s father. However the main characters are Kitty, Alain, and Phil. They have a relationship each other that make the story happened. It was a complicated relationship.
The first character is Kitty. She is seventeen years old student at Art College. She is a pure girl from small town. She rarely hangs out with their friends because in her town, there is not much to do on Saturday Night, when teenager spend their time to enjoy their life. She love Alain and be afraid if Alain will leave her. She does everything Alain wants from her, such as kissing and having sexual intercourse. She trusts Alain and it is difficult for her to forget Alain.
The second character is Alain. He is nineteen years old. He is a foreigner and a handsome guy. He has a problem with his father and he doesn’t have a mother. Alain is a bad guy. He makes Kitty to love him. He makes Kitty to obey him. He doesn’t love Kitty, he just take a benefit from Kitty to have a sex. After he gets it from Kitty, he just leaves her. he has a secret relationship with Phil. I think he is gay.
The third character is Phil. He is Alain’s friend. He is also guy and has a secret relationship with Alain. He tells about the Alain’s background to Kitty. In the beginning, he support Kitty to have a relationship with Alain, but he betray her.
The additional characters are Claire and Alain’s father. Claire is Kitty’s friend. She care about Kitty and advice her to take precautions toward Alain. Alain’s father is strict person. I think it is because Alain doesn’t have a mother. He doesn’t like Phil because Phil gives a bad influence for Alain. I think Alain’s father know about Alain and Phil relationship.
“Just Like A Young Girl” Should used third person; the writer knew and described everything through her view. We know any of the other character only from the writer’s explanation and description.
The writer didn’t tell where the story taken place. She also didn’t mention when the story happened. However I think the story happened in America. It is because the character’s name is the American’s name and the culture from the story tends to America culture. The writer focused on teenager life and the problem that the teenagers often face in their life. So the story tells about American teenager life.
I will analyze it from the social aspect. Kitty was a pure girl she just know all about love. In America, the seventeen years old girl has to have a lover. It was weird if teenager didn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend. So, if Kitty’s friends have a boyfriend, she also wants to have a boyfriend. She loved Alain, her senior in college and a foreigner guy. He makes Kitty to learn about love. She learns how to kiss and how to have a relationship.
In America, the teenager lives freely. It is common when a lover have a sexual intercourse before they get married. It was not usual if teenager don’t do it. so I think Kitty follow the culture from its surrounding. She also try to change her appearance. She wants to look pretty in front of Alain.
The parents also allow their teenager to have a relationship like that. It is because in their life before, the free life is also happened and it has become a culture. Not all parents allow their teenager, but I think it is difficult to ban their teenager to have a normal relationship. In America, children can answer back to their parents. It is free for them to express their feeling towards their parents. If the parents advice her to don’t have a free life, I think the children will ignore it. They prefer to listen to their friend’s opinion rather that their parents.
A homosexual relationship also often happens in America. The homosexual couples even don’t be ashamed to declare their relationship. America is a democratic country. American can express their feeling freely, although it is unusual or uncommon. There, the homosexual couples can be accepted in social life. So it is usual there are many homosexual in America.


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