1. Orientation
– Who : I, Oni, Ipank
– Where : DP Mall, Trans Semarang, Simpang Lima Semarang
– When : Last Saturday
2. Event
• event 1: in DP Mall
>> saw Japanese cost play contest
>> took a photo with Japanese cost play contestants
>> bought some food

• event 2: In Trans Semarang
>> entered Busway
>> stood along the journey
>> realized that we had entered the wrong bus way
• event 3 : In Simpang Lima Semarang
>> sat and took a photo in the middle of Simpang Lima field
>> entered Citraland
3. Re-Orientation
It was my meaningful experience, because it was my first time I went somewhere without the clear destination and I went there with my friends.

Go around Semarang City

Last Saturday, I wanted to see Japanese Cost Play and Korean Dance Cover contest in DP Mall, so I invited my friends, Oni and Ipank to accompany me. My first destination is DP Mall, but, we also went to Simpang Lima. We didn’t bring enough money. I only had Rp 50.000, Oni had Rp 30.000 and Ipank had Rp 50.000. We left from Oni’s boarding house at 11 o’clock by public transportation.
After a half an hour, we arrived in DP Mall. We entered DP Mall with the confused face, because there was no activity about Japanese and Korean contest. There was only a computer exhibition. In fact, the event was started at 2 o’clock. We took a walk while waiting the event. I know that we didn’t bring enough money, so we couldn’t buy anything. Whereas, there were good things that I wanted to buy. Finally, the event was started. There were many contestants who wore anime dress, for example Kamen Raider and Naruto clothes. It was my first time seeing a cost play contest. We also took a photo with the contestant. After that, we went to upper storey to buy some foods. First, we went to Bee’s, Asian food court, but we knew that the price was expensive, so we cancelled the ordered ashamedly. Then we went to KFC, and only bought burgers and soft drinks.
It was evening, so we had to go to our boarding house. But, Ipank want to go to Simpang Lima by Trans Semarang or bus way. We agreed with Ipank idea, all of us had never gone by busway. We waited in halte and then Busway came. We entered the busway directly. In Busway, we had to stand along the journey because there was no space for me to sit down. We chatted during the journey, but we realized that we entered the wrong busway. The busway went in the direction of Mangkang and we should have gone to Simpang Lima. Finally we stopped the busway in the closest halte. Then, we went to Simpang Lima by ‘angkot’, Semarang public transportation.
We arrived at Simpang Lima at 6 o’clock. We took a walk in Simpang Lima field and we sat down in the middle of it when we felt tired. It was a beautiful night. There were a light from the buildings which made a beautiful night in Semarang. Of course, we took a photo there. Suddenly, rain fell. We entered to Citraland immediately. With a little of money and tired face, we took a walk in CL. There were good things there, like hoodie, clothes, shoes, watches, and bags, but we couldn’t buy anything. After we felt too tired, we decided to go to our boarding house. Because there was no angkot at night, we went home by taxi.
It was my meaningful experience, because it was my first time I went somewhere without the clear destination and I went there with my friends. At that time, we could forget my problem and we could have fun. In addition, I could see Semarang city at night in the middle of Simpang Lima field. And I hope, in other chance, I can bring much money to buy anything I want. That was my unforgettable experience.


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