Cat in the Rain is a short story, created by Ernest Hemingway, which tells about the couple’s life and internal conflict. This story has a setting in Italian hotel. The conflict in this story begins from the American girl’s peevish feeling to her husband attitude.
There are four characters in Cat in The Rain. They are American couple, George and his wife, the padrone, and the hotel’s maid. They all have a different character. George is a disregard person. Although he has a wife, he didn’t give enough attention to his wife. The American girl or George’s wife is spoiled and childish. Although she has had a husband, she still wants to be spoiled and attended to her husband. She is strong-minded. She has to get everything that she wants. The padrone is an Italian guy. He is old, has a big posture and care to other people. The maid is a loyal for her job. She does everything that her boss ordered to her. For the psychology of literature, I discuss about American girl’s psychology.

This story begins when American girl see a cat in the rain from her window. She tells George that she wants to put the cat and owns it. The conflict starts to appear when George doesn’t give an attention to his words. He always read books when she is talking with his wife. When American girl arrived in the cat place, she doesn’t find it. The cat is lost. So she comes back to her room. In his room, George is still reading his book. She is peevish and she tries to get attention from George. She tells everything she wants. She wants to change her hairstyle, she wants to eat at a table with her own silver, and she wants a cat. But, George didn’t care about it and she is ordered to shut up. George thinks that his wife is spoiled and childish. But then, the maid brings cat for her. The maid says that the padrone who order her.
I will discuss about psychology of literature in this short stories. It includes model of psyche, concept of repression, and the role of sexual instinct. For Model of Psyche there are three kinds, they are Id, Ego, and Superego. I will analysis the modal of Psyche from The American girl, because the American girl has a complex characteristic. First, I’ll discuss about the Id. Id is a pleasure principle. In this story, the American girl is a George’s wife. As a wife, she wants everything which wife is wanted. She wants to be paid attention to George. She wants to do a romantic life with her husband and do everything with George. And as a wife, she has to be faithful to his husband. She has to fall in and take care of his husband. For the ego, she wants to do she wants that she can’t get it from his husband, George. She wants to be paid attention to George, so she does anything which she can get an attention from George. She comports childish to her husband. The superego of American girl is her husband, George. She does her ego because of George. But she can control her ego because of George. She still has deference to George. Although, she tries to do thing like a child, she still can control her attitude.
For concept of repression, the American girl has a dream or willingness that she can be paid attention by her husband. This concept belongs to latent, because she does it indirectly. She doesn’t ask to George to looking at her, but she does anything which can make George looking at her. She tells him that she see a cat and wants to own it. And she says that she wants to change her hair style and she told George about everything she wanted. Then, when she doesn’t find a cat, she says that she has to get a cat. It means that she tries to get something which she wants, that is an attention from her husband, but she doesn’t ask to George directly. She does something that she can be attended by George.
For the last, I’ll discuss about the role of sexual instinct. The American girl has an electra complex, which is she has a feeling to possess her father. She wants her father figure. She wants having husband that keeps a mind on her and always stays with her. She wants a husband that loves her, as her father love him. But she considers that George isn’t a care husband. He isn’t care to his wife. So, when see a padrone that has a character she dreams, she like him. She likes his old, posture, and character. She likes him because she has a electra complex.


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